The 'Go Vote - Teaser

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This is the Teaser episode of The 'GO Vote, a podcast about the 2019 Chicago Mayoral election. This is a personal project from content producer and lifelong Chicagoan Luis Antonio Perez. The goal of the project is to inform and entertain voters who wish to become more engaged participants in Chicago electoral politics.

Chicago’s current Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced in fall 2018 that he would not be running for re-election. This announcement opened the door for the already crowded field of candidates and prompted well known Chicagoans to enter the race. This podcast will explore local civic policies and practices and provide Chicagoans with what they “need-to-know” to make an informed decision on election day February 26, 2019.

Some of the questions we will answer are… who is running for mayor? How does someone ‘run’ for mayor? What does the mayor even do? Is there anything the mayor can’t do?

Go to or email at thegovote [at] gmail [dot] com for more information or inquiries.